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The Joseph Communications

Trance Mission

Over a period of three years the highly-evolved spirit communicator Joseph was asked more than 150 questions 'live' by those attending twelve remarkable public trance demonstrations.

His illuminating, eloquent answers are now available as a huge 448-page book - Trance Mission - in which Joseph touches upon and expands our understanding of a wide range of spiritual topics including:

  • pre-destiny and choice
  • the nature of time
  • natural disasters
  • Indigo children
  • meditation techniques
  • God
  • the future of the planet
  • aliens
  • reincarnation
  • angels
  • past-life baggage
  • sexual energy
  • healing
  • the Bible
  • animals
  • infant mortality
  • ascension
  • the reason for accidents

...and many more.

As with each Joseph title, Trance Mission's contents are shot through with his refreshingly no-nonsense approach to spirituality. Highly illuminating, deeply spiritual and presenting practical information on every page, Trance Mission also gives a unique insight into Joseph's background and relationship with his 'instrument' Michael, and will immerse all who read it in the unique and irresistible atmosphere of his public trance appearances.

Trance Mission is available in a choice of paperback or special, signed, limited-edition hardback versions, with all proceeds from sales being used to further global awareness of the Joseph Communications.



Trance Mission
ISBN 978-1906625-06-1
Paperback. 448 pages plus 8 page colour photograph section.


You can also buy Trance Mission as an eBook direct from our US distributor, through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Apple.



What readers are saying about Trance Mission:


'I can't say how satisfying it is to read someone's question that exactly mirrors my own, and what deep and thought-provoking answers Joseph provides.'
Eugenie Heraty


'It is such an extraordinary book - so many new perspectives on old ideas.'
Peter Wallace


'Truly, it's fabulous! I'm finding it to be a real page-turner. I love it.'
Ian Davison


'Wonderful and many of the additional questions I had been asking after reading the other 4 books have been answered.'
Rowen Harris


'Trance Mission is absolutely amazing. It all makes such sense.'
Kate Wrigglesworth


'Anyone seeking to be uplifted from this negative world view should read Trance Mission - much Love and Light and hope on every page.'
Christine Wood


'The photos in the middle are great - it was like meeting you all [reference to the Band of Light]. It is helpful to know some of your path to the point of creating the printed version of the Joseph Communications because it puts it all in perspective. I suspect many of your readers are like me - out there on a limb finding it hard to understand themselves and their life experiences, so hearing about how you came to your current destiny is very helpful in putting our own lives into some sort of framework. Certainly it's helped me ...that and Joseph's perspective of course!' 
Alison Findlay