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Return to earth or move on?

You choose

A liberating look at reincarnation from the point of view of The Joseph Communications
Michael G. Reccia

Paradigm Shift Issue 60

The well-documented phenomena of certain individuals recalling in uncanny detail places, people and circumstances they have never visited, met or experienced during the life they are living at this moment lends much weight to the argument for reincarnation - the rebirth of souls time and again into the earthly arena and a physical life - being fact. I, personally, have access to fragmented yet distinct and detailed memories from two past lives, so the concept of us visiting the earth to take multiple trips on the merry-go-round, as it were, is one I acknowledge completely. In contrast, the ‘spiritual logic’ behind the accepted explanations for reincarnation is something I could never quite grasp or come to terms with.

If you can spare me a few moments I will share with you some of the reasons why the traditional scenario of reincarnation made me uneasy…

…With literally a whole universe of opportunity to explore – and that’s just on a physical level of ‘reality’– why on Earth (forgive the pun) would we be confined or condemned to a repeating pattern of existence on this single planet? Surely that is counterproductive to growth through spiritual experience when there has to be far more waiting for us to experience in the vastness of ‘out there’, on other worlds and in other scenarios, than there is in this one, small, limited corner of space? Wouldn’t it pretty quickly become a matter of ‘been there, done that’ for us as visiting and revisiting souls, with there rapidly being very little more or us to gain or to learn by constantly coming back to this planet? Also consider this: is there no escape for us? Are we doomed to live and relive on Earth until the planet is consumed by its dying sun at some point in a far distant, yet inevitable, future? And then what? Whither the souls of mankind when there is no physical Earth and we have no physical bodies to reincarnate into? In short, where would we go?

Seek, it is said, and you shall find. And, fortunately for me, when the highly evolved spirit spokesman Joseph elected to use my mediumship as a means of making his urgent message for mankind available, clairvoyantly at first and then, at a later stage, by taking me into trance, that vexing question of reincarnation was one of the many topics at last answered to my satisfaction via Joseph’s insights, with the whole concept finally making sense to me.

You see, Joseph is insistent that reincarnation is actually a matter of personal choice; that we only ‘come back’ here if we choose to do so, and that, if we don’t choose to do so, we don’t need to. Wow! What a revolutionary new way of looking at the subject! Well, not really, if we logically think things through. In a great many approaches to spiritual truth there exists, does there not, a universally accepted core constant – a concept that almost all spiritual seekers can agree upon, and that concept can be summed up in just two words: free will. Isn’t it generally acknowledged that we have been granted the freedom and right, by whatever definition of divinity we might believe in, to do whatever we want to do here without fear of restriction, learning as we go along by the balancing action of both our mistakes and our triumphs, and thus advancing and evolving as spiritual beings? Using this yardstick surely free will must - must - also then apply to the process of reincarnation? If it doesn’t then the notion of all-encompassing, unconditional free will becomes invalid, and the term would have to be qualified for all those subscribing to it with the coda, in small letters, that certain terms and conditions apply.

Also consider that, as Joseph advises, this process of reincarnation by choice has always existed. If that is true, you might justifiably raise the question of, why, then, would so many souls elect to return to a planet we have all but decimated environmentally and into appalling conditions that range from poverty to war, debilitating illness to unspeakable physical, mental and spiritual cruelty? Are we absolutely mad? No, explains, Joseph, we’re not mad - we’re addicted. We’re addicted to the earthly experience and its many and varied seductive enticements, and the collective consciousness, or sentient ‘Field’ of mankind as he describes it, that we contribute to subconsciously minute by minute through our thoughts and actions, aims to keep it that way.

Is it seriously being suggested that we come back of our own volition, refusing to move gradually onwards into increasing spiritual bliss because we miss, for example, the forty-two inch television, or that cup of coffee, or the chance to next time make it bigger in business than we have managed to this time around, or to get even with someone, or to pursue the girl/boy next door again? Yes. It is. Here’s Joseph, quoted from his book Your Life After Death, on the subject of trying to advise many souls when they pass over following physical death that the best way forwards is through the spiritual realms and not via another incarnation on Earth:

…And the key question at this point is: do we advise them to go back to the Earth? Here we will differ with many books you will read, with many doctrines you will hear of and with many beliefs you will hold, because – no, we do not. Let this be written large in your book:


At this point we pray that they will choose to move on through the spiritual spheres without returning to Earth.

Again at this point you have to understand that the soul has free will, and we advise the soul of every consequence of their choices at this point – every consequence (with a bias, of course, towards the soul moving away from physicality) – but the soul has free will. With far too many souls, because of their beliefs whilst they have been on Earth that they have not yet got rid of (also, in some cases, belief in reincarnation or belief that they have to come back), they say, ‘I want to choose the rocky path.’

How amazing!

Here is a smooth path: it is a gentle slope; it takes you upwards; you can interact with other souls to express love more readily and to eliminate those areas from yourself that are holding you back; it goes through beautiful meadows; it goes up the mountain gently into the sunlight – into the God-Light.

Here you have the heavy path, the rocky path, the path of physical pain, the path of mental anguish.

Which do you choose?

...And so many souls say, ‘I choose the rocky path’ – not because it is noble but because it is known.”

Joseph also advises us that ‘karma’, that glibly quoted action- equals-consequences binding agent that supposedly ties us into endless lives here until we ‘do the right thing’ in each and every aspect of our existence and escape the wheel of birth/death/rebirth, is, in actual fact, not the jailer of our own actions we make it out to be but simply the baggage of past existences we inevitably pick up again from our personal locker when we choose to come back here and live another life. In other words, karma is a by-product of immersing ourselves voluntarily in a further earthly life, and its existence and working out is not the reason reincarnation takes place. Karma, observes Joseph, can be discarded like a worn out set of suitcases the moment we consciously decide to let it go, walk away from it and distance ourselves from our self-imposed cycle of earthly lives – it really is that simple.

Why, then, has this liberating information not been made available to us before now? It has. It has always been available, says Joseph, but it has been masked, edited, distorted or omitted from many spiritual doctrines by society or religion for reasons of politics or control, and by the effects of the Fall, a single calamitous event we were involved in millennia ago which, metaphorically speaking, blinded us from the Light. For countless ages the need for complexity and distraction we exhibit through our physical minds has chosen to filter out the simple spiritual truth behind our reasons for reincarnating, simple spiritual truth which lives on in our heart minds, waiting for us to bypass that bothersome computer in our heads in moments of meditation, to move down into our heart consciousness, and to access and rediscover it in silence and contemplation.

So –come back or move on? Here are a few final words, taken from Joseph’s book Revelation:

“Souls have lost their way, and the souls who repeatedly request and, therefore, experience reincarnation on this level think that they have found heaven, but they have only found a jail of their own making. The soul is supposed to pass through this level, not to repeatedly visit it and repeatedly be encased within it. There are beauties beyond, there are opportunities beyond, a ‘breath of fresh air’ beyond that millions of souls don’t want to take. And it is our mission to bring freedom of knowledge to souls on Earth so that they live each day of their lives to the full, and also to free some of the souls from the constant cycle of reincarnation they put themselves through, having bought into the illusion to such an extent that they can see nothing else. We weep for them because they believe they are free, yet they are the ones that are cut off from the people who love them on a higher vibration, and there is nothing we can do other than, drip by drip, try to alter their consciousness through information such as the texts I hope to continue to bring to you on a regular basis.”

– I’ve already made my decision. …How about you?


* For more on The Field, see Joseph’s book Revelation.

* From Joseph’s book the Fall.