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The Joseph Perspective

A regular philosophy column based on the Joseph Communications by Joseph's trance medium Michael G. Reccia

February, 2017.


Thinking outside the bowl.

The other day, whilst sitting in the dentist's waiting room, my eyes were drawn to the attractive glass column which stood on a pedestal against one wall and contained tropical fish. Its colourful inhabitants - all shapes and sizes - bobbed and darted at different levels in the water, each with an uncomprehending look on its face; each fish seemingly unaware of anything but its immediate surroundings.

Assuming you could take one of these fish aside and talk to it, and assuming it could understand complex concepts, how shocked do you think it would be if you were to reveal that its entire world - the 'reality' it had based its total world view on - was actually nothing more than a glass case in a dentist's reception area?

It would then probably need a bit of a lie down and an ant egg or two were you to go on to explain that the dentist's reception area was just one of a number of rooms in a terraced house in a street. That the street was part of a town. That the town was part of a county... a country... a world. And that that world was one of a number of planets orbiting a sun. Was part of a galaxy... a universe...

Quite a lot for our piscine pal to take in, wouldn't you agree? But we wouldn't be asking fishy to simply take our word for anything we had just told it... it could prove to itself much of our shocking exposition if it would only take the time and make the effort to simply look out from the bowl it was swimming in.

As I watched the fish I was suddenly struck with a similarity in the way they live their lives to the way in which much of society conducts its existence on Earth. Isn't it true that for many daily life consists of breakfast, car, work, lunch, work, car, dinner, TV, bed... with yearly life also interspersing that rhythm with the regularity of holidays, birthdays and Christmas? So locked into our regime are we sometimes, so comfortable with the familiar, that we completely forget that we are able to 'look out of the bowl'...

Here's Joseph on the self same subject, in an extract from his book From Here To Infinity:

' The human being, having encapsulated itself in heavy matter because of the effects of the Fall, observes its journey across life as a journey from 'A' to 'B' and uses only its physical senses to perceive the world. It is looking for security. It is looking for power. It is looking for signs of danger. From the perspective of the physical mind, it sees itself as making a journey from point 'A' ...which is birth... across life, as safely and as securely as it can, to point 'B' ...which unfortunately, from that perspective, is death and perhaps oblivion.

'Along that journey, because it is only using its physical senses, it assesses its being, its potential and its world based only on physical principles and physical parameters. Therefore, the science and understanding of the universe it perceives is based only on those physical parameters. Its emotional capability is based only on the physical parameters it has encapsulated itself within. Its spiritual potential is only glimpsed darkly and, again, is measured by the spiritual parameters of the 'shell' that it has placed itself in - the shell of perception, the shell of individual perspective ...that journey from 'A' to 'B' across a physical world.

'What I would love to donate, to add to your physical perception, is a spiritual perspective ...the opening up of further dimensions. All along in communicating with you, I have had to condense and modify spiritual concepts and multi-dimensional concepts into a physical form or 'shell' so that you can glimpse them.

'It is my intention today to say that there is so much more than you perceive.

'There is so much more to life than the establishment of security, power and a comfortable passage from birth to death. There is so much more to existence than being encased within physical matter and regarding yourself as an individual. There is so much more in terms of potential than you can manifest when drawing purely on physical senses.

'My reason for saying these things to you is to expand upon the idea of meditation and contact with your spiritual self. In incarnating again you have put barriers up - both outside of yourself and within yourself - with regard to what you can perceive and what you are capable of. And you can only remove those barriers and access those additional dimensions via meditation, via contemplation and via stillness and a divorcing of yourself from the physical world for some period each day.

'We view ourselves on Earth through a very limited lens, and put ourselves into categories: 'I am a good person' ...'I am a bad person' ...'I am a diseased person'. All these things apply to the outermost surface, and we invest in them because we are struggling to find our being, our individuality, our perception of ourselves.

'And the perception of ourselves that we need in order to change this world is our perception of ourselves as the angelic beings that we really are. Now, that is difficult on a daily basis because of the cloaking effect of the Earth (that is itself cloaked because of the effects of the Fall) and the cloaking effect of the physical body, which in actuality doesn't exist, but is simply a consolidation of will and purpose projected by those souls that fell. Your physical body is a projection of where you think you should be and what you think you should be.

'What I am asking you to do is to look beyond that perception, to realise you are not the physical and to realise that you are not any label that you give yourself ...except the label that says I am God. That is the only label that sticks. That is the only label that is truth. I am God - I am angelic. Anything else is a lie. Anything else is a misconception. Anything else is a constriction.

'I can suggest, through visual imagery, how you can expand your view of who you are, but I cannot do it for you. If I were to sit with you in your house - day in, day out - for your whole life I could not do it for you. You have to do it for yourself, and you have to take action .

'Part of your spiritual growth and your re-emergence into the angelic form that you really are is to question; is to shake yourself free of restrictions; is to expand your consciousness; is to expand your view of yourself, of others and of the Earth.

'Unless you take that journey, then your journey across the Earth will just be the journey from point 'A' to point 'B'. It will be a journey out of perceived danger towards perceived security and a point where you feel you have 'arrived'.

'...And then you die.

'...And then you come back to repeat the same small journey.

'There are other journeys ahead for you - far more spectacular, far more meaningful, filled with potential and filled with the ability to create ... to create anything. But, in order to embark upon those journeys, you have to question. You have to question who you are. Even with the most perfect life, you have to question what that life is about and whether there is more. And no one can come up to you and give you a 'box' that contains 'more' and you say, 'Thank you very much - now I have more.'

'You have to dig for more, you have to work for more, you have to want more. And in wanting more, working for more, perceiving more ...then you begin to escape the effects of the Fall, and you give yourself the ability to help others escape the effects of the Fall.'

There is so much more to our lives, so much more to us than we acknowledge. But in order to gain access to our greater selves and free ourselves from the confines of our physical existence we have to be brave enough to question, to seek, and to work in order to discover our true, liberating spiritual nature and rediscover who and what we really are.

...And that means thinking outside of the fish bowl.

The fish have an excuse... they are fish.

We have the ability to be a tad more ambitious in our reasoning and goals. It takes effort daily. But then, ultimately, isn't the acquisition of an empowering spiritual perspective far more satisfying than a handful of ant eggs and a safe and familiar view of a little plastic castle?