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The Joseph Perspective

A regular philosophy column based on the Joseph Communications by Joseph's trance medium Michael G. Reccia

March 2016 - April 2017.


Oh. My. G**!

Did Michael just say the G-word?!

I'm old enough to remember when you could watch television secure in the knowledge that any bad language in films would have been excised prior to their broadcast and that comedians would work on actually being funny rather than verbally scattergunning a blizzard of profanities to mask their lack of talent. I admit to still feeling uncomfortable when four letter words are inserted into my viewing. I'm even more shocked when one three letter word I regularly use in my spiritual work and which is constantly referred to by Joseph in his Communications is sometimes greeted by a stunned silence or a sharp intake of breath by those listening, as though I have just uttered something unspeakably vulgar.

That word is 'God'.

You would be surprised at how many people will gladly consider information from the spiritual realms and readily believe in an afterlife but draw the line and slam tight and bolt the mental shutters the moment there is any suggestion of an underlying creative force which runs through this and the various other spheres of existence. Hardly surprising, I suppose, when so many of us have had images of a judgmental, vengeful, punishing, restrictive, biblical God seared into us via our upbringings. Traditional views that a universal life force is male and the ways in which we anthropomorphise the concept - render the Source in our own image - don't help either ...nor do our wounded beliefs that any God worth His salt should in some way intervene to get us out of the worldwide nonsense we choose to indulge in. ...yet doesn't.

We have to be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water here. Just because the notion of a Divinity has been presented to us in a way that offends us doesn't mean that those descriptions are accurate or that our subsequent conclusions that a God can't therefore possibly exist are correct. Relevant to this latter observation, Joseph was asked the following question by a member of the audience at a public trance demonstration:


You mentioned the word 'God' many times, Joseph, which is a word that doesn't sit comfortably with a lot of people. How should we conceive God or is that purely an individual thing?

Here's his reply:

' You come from Divine Consciousness. You are Divine Consciousness. On a God-level there is nothing else but Divine Consciousness.

' It hurts us to realise that people are uncomfortable with the term 'God' but they are uncomfortable with the term 'God' either because they have approached God through religion and found Him wanting or because they look at the world with physical eyes and say: 'There cannot be a God - if there was a God such things would not exist.'

' Well, such things would not exist if we all changed our minds - nothing to do with God. Not God's fault! Not God's fault!

' And many religions build, around their image of God, rules:

' Do this or God will be upset! ...Don't do this and God will reward you! ...Do not talk to these people! ...Do not embrace those people! ...Do not think outside of our rules!

' And those who are brainwashed by such religions look at God and think: What a terrible God! How can God be like this?

'God is not like this.

' GOD IS. YOU ARE. That is all there is to Creation.

' That is all there is to everything:



' You exist to experience on behalf of yourself and on behalf of God. Everything else is where it gets muddy; everything else is where it goes wrong. We have to bring back to mankind the concept of there being an 'Issuer' - a Father that brought us forth but a Father that is also us. We have to bring that concept back because with Godlessness you have the society that you see in front of you. But it is a difficult task because, in connecting people with God in the right way, you have to strip away their misconceptions, their preconceptions and their disbeliefs.

'I cannot see God! say the atheists …and they see nothing but God in front of them and within themselves, and they will continue to exist when they pass from this life despite themselves.

'What a shock - and so much work that needs to be done in order to bring them around to the concept that:

' 1) They are still alive.

' 2) God exists and is part of them … is them.

' When we deny God we deny ourselves, we deny what we are and there is so much fear of being more than the individual on this level of consciousness, of being anything more than one point. As I stand talking to you, I am also viewing myself talking to you through your eyes. As I stand talking to you I also sit at home in my level - on my illusion that I can collapse at any time and go into the 'no-thing'. I cannot hurt you. I cannot call you. I cannot judge you because I am you and I am God and you are God.

' God is not the property of priests. God is not the property of elite religions. God is you and you are part of each other for ever and ever and ever and ever. Amen.'


By denying the existence of God we deny what we actually are, We turn our backs on our true nature and our ability to transform our personal lives and the state of play on earth, via our free will, through the transmission of Light. I will steadfastly and without shame continue to use the 'G-word' because my spiritual work over the past thirty five years or so has time and again demonstrated to me that God ...He, She, It - however you wish to define this underlying 'Force'... runs through and gives existence to me, to you, to everything.

If I've made you at all curious about Joseph's take on the nature of God and you feel open to considering a new perspective on the subject I would politely recommend his books as essential reading (we don't make any profit on the Communications, by the way - all monies go back into the publication and distribution of existing and new material).

As a coda, sometimes when people proudly and with a steely and challenging and somewhat angry glint in their eye affirm to me 'I don't believe in God' I can't help but wryly reply...

'That's all right. God believes in you.'

The look on their faces is priceless.