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Welcome to our new-look Joseph Communications site, and to the first of my monthly blogs that is intended to keep you updated as to the continuing work of the Band Of Light and the making available of the Joseph Communications globally.

As I write this blog Joseph’s sixth book - From Here To Infinity - has just been handed off to the printers by us following our approval this week of the proofs and the cover.

The new volume has taken two intense years of work to produce, and is the end result of a further eighteen trance sessions, with Joseph ‘taking me over’ and communicating through me at eighteen regular monthly meetings held by myself, Jane, David and Tony. Going into trance is a debilitating exercise for me (it takes me at least a full week to recover my normal energy levels following each Joseph session) and we also have to make a living via a small but demanding day-to-day hobby-title business that is in no way connected with the Communications (all proceeds from the Joseph books go back into producing and promoting the titles and getting them out into the world), meaning that the demands of personal energy and of society only allow us to meet once a month to allow the Communications to come through. This, as you can imagine, causes us some frustration, as we fully realise how vitally important it is that the Communications be made available as quickly as possible. However, after two years during which seven day weeks have been a necessity on a number of occasions and six day weeks have been the norm the title is finally compiled and about to publish.

So...what’s Joseph’s new book about? Well, in From Here to Infinity he again, with wisdom and love, deconstructs many of our rigid earthly perspectives, this time literally shedding new Light onto some major concepts our physical minds take for granted and believe to be ‘etched in stone’, amongst them Time, Space, Energy, Thought, Memory, and, of course, the titular Infinity. What he reveals about these subjects from a spiritual viewpoint is fascinating and liberating, and his revelations will cause you to look at your life here and your relationships with and connection to others and to our planet in a completely different way.

The second purpose of From Here to Infinity is to give readers who sincerely wish to reshape their lives spiritually and to make a difference in this world advanced methods by which they can infuse their lives, the lives of others and our planet with the transformative, elevating, enlightening power of spiritual Light. Sublime meditations are also included in the title.

Does the publication of From Here To Infinity mean we can now put our feet up and enjoy a bit of a breather? Not a bit of it! The Band Of Light’s task in life is to make as many souls as possible aware of the Communications, so there now follows an intense period of promotion to place the book in front of spiritual seekers everywhere. Not to ‘convert’ or to ‘recruit’ in any way, you understand. The Communications are offered as a means of discovering personal spiritual freedom and reconnection with angelic and Divine intent and ability. They are non-religious and our purpose is simply to make souls aware that the books exist. It is then up to the individual to either read them and consider their implications, or to reject them and to walk another path.

By the time of my next blog entry the book will have reached the high numbers of readers who have been eagerly anticipating its arrival for two years, and I may also have some initial testimonials on the subject to share with you (they arrive almost daily with regard to the other books). Thank you for your patience in waiting for From Here To Infinity to be published. As someone who was both enthralled and delighted upon reading it for the first time (I remember nothing of what has happened during the times I am in trance, so I only actually discover what has been said once Jane has transcribed a book!) I can hand on heart say it has been worth the wait. This is an extraordinary, highly spiritual, highly significant book offering new perspectives, new possibilities and new ways to finally put things right on this planet.

God Bless, and take care until next time.