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Blog Two - Harmony, Folly, Simplicity and Progress

With apologies for this entry being a little later than planned (inevitably, it always seems, as the work takes up much of our time) here's the second of my 'monthly' blogs, written with the intent of bringing you up to date with the work of The Band Of Light, updating you regarding the Joseph Communications and sharing with you some of our personal experiences and observations regarding life, the universe and everything.

Where to begin? Well, following the publication and launch of From Here To Infinity, which has demanded a huge percentage of our energies and focus for the last two years, Jane and I recently took a four day break in Leeds, Yorkshire to begin to recharge our batteries. Leeds might seem an unlikely holiday destination, but for us it serves as an effective central hub from which to explore the surrounding area. We also like the hotel we stay at (The Queen's - conveniently just around the corner from Leeds Station) and there are some amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the centre, perhaps the most notable being Global Tribe, a facility we visit frequently (usually daily) whenever we're in the city.


Global Tribe is run by a warm, friendly, spiritually aware gentleman who answers to the name of Mario (actually he's Sri Lankan in origin, but few people here can pronounce his given name correctly, so 'Mario' is a nomenclature chosen by him that he literally answers to) and his lovely wife. Daily the staff put love into everything they do and make and serve and you can taste the difference between this and many eateries, both in the menu and in the atmosphere. The workforce at Global Tribe is one harmonious unit, and there is a true feeling of peace and the joy of be-ing in the place. It serves as an example to us all of how simple it is to get things right and of how things can be if we want them to be and put in a little spiritual effort... we sincerely wish there were more places like this around the country and the world.


On the Sunday we decided, after much debate, that we'd take a look at Leeds' Armoury - this being the first time either of us had visited the facility, and there being a lecture on Regency costume that day that was of great interest to Jane.

Jane was worried that as a medium I might pick up disconcerting negative vibrations from some of the weaponry on display, and that there might be discarnate spirits - either violent or despairing - connected to the exhibits and frequenting the building. In the event neither of these two concerns proved to be founded, thankfully, and we were pleased to discover that a major section of one floor was devoted to the Peace Movement, including an interactive display asking visitors to vote on how they personally would define and create world peace.

Leeds Armoury War Room

What was shocking, however, was coming face to face with floor after floor of weaponry and armour from various time periods, the building serving as a grim monument to the hundreds of intricate mechnisms we have devised through the ages in order to kill and maime each other, and to the fact that we have not progressed one jot throughout our history with regard to stemming our violent tendencies, our only 'progress' lying in the upgrading of our destructive technology and in the discovery of subtle new ways to harm each other.

Don't get me wrong - there is a definite and conscious anti-violence slant and theme to the whole building, but its existence does bring into stark relief the fact that, as Joseph states, we have been unable to create peace here since the time of the Fall. I look forward to the time when, due to the transmission of Light, the Armoury and buildings like it around the globe become true museums, presenting visitors with a cautionary look at history without ever again having to add new exhibits to their disturbing contents.


Jane and I both go to the same hairdresser, and more often than not both at the same time... this usually being the point at which we can't venture out without bumping into things or each other. What has this got to do with things spiritual? Well everything, actually, because Lorraine (for it is she) and her staff have created such an oasis of calm and such a nurturing atmosphere that you instantly feel relaxed, cossetted and restored the moment you walk through the door. Lorraine, Sophie and Gillian are extraordinary ladies - the kind that restore your faith in human nature. They never criticise or gossip about anyone, they operate as a tight, caring family unit (even though they are not related by blood) and, because of their gentle, uncomplicated approach to life and to their clients they unknowingly serve as a model for the type of society Joseph is urging us to create through realising who we are and our unbreakable link to each other.


Thanks to Tony we now have use of a versatile recording facility. Why would we need such a thing? Because we intend, over the next eighteen months to two years as an estimate, to record and release the Joseph books (with the exception of Trance Mission which, because of its transcription of trance sessions with audience questions, does not fit the format) as speaking books. With the breakneck speed at which life is lived today we feel it would be a good idea to also make the books available in a form that can be appreciated 'on the move' as it were - in the car, on a 'plane, through headphones, etc. We will be learning to operate the system over the next few weeks and then we'ill begin work on Your Life After Death, the first book due to be made available in this additional form.

From Here To Infinity is proving to be a very popular addition to the Joseph Communications, both in hard copy and e-book form, which is gratifying as we regard the advanced Light-giving methods it offers to be of vital importance in effecting the change that must come to this world if we are ever to transform ourselves and society for the better and rescue our beautiful planet while there's still time...

... With all our love until next time, and, with gratitude for all your encouraging comments and for the time you put in to change things here for the better.